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We use top of the line materials, expert installation by well-trained technicians

Big House Construction has a proven track record of reliability, unparalleled workmanship, and value-enhancing residential roofing systems.

  • Repairs

    • If your roof suffers damage from storms, winds, or other natural disasters, immediate repair work is critical to prevent further structural issues. For everything from shingle replacement to emergency tarping, Big House Construction has residential repair needs covered.​

  • Replacement

    • Every roofing system has a life cycle. From asphalt shingles to cedar shake, Big House Construction is a residential roofing expert across all roofing mediums. Highly trained with specialty materials, steep-slope surfaces, and other complex projects, Big House Construction is the leading contractor for residential roof replacement.​

  • Maintenance

    • Annual inspections and scheduled maintenance check-ups help catch roofing issues early, which improves your roof’s performance -- and ultimately enhances the lifespan of your roofing system. Guy Roofing offers residential maintenance services to keep your home safe, dry, and ready for any weather!​

Exterior Renovations

At Big House Construction, our clients are our number one priority and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied. With this service, we’re fully prepared to tackle even the most complex projects and stand by the exceptional quality of our work. Call us today and find out more about what we can do for you.


Updating your home’s siding is a simple way to boost both curb appeal and weather protection. 

Like any exterior component, though, siding does have a lifespan. Cracking, chipping, or other visible signs of wear may seem small initially, but can cause further deterioration over time if left untreated. From repairing existing siding to full replacements, installations, or removal, Big House Construction offers comprehensive residential siding services.

Big House Construction installs only the highest quality siding materials. 

  1. Painting


  1. Add  color to your life while adding value to your home. 

  2. Protecting your investment with beautiful lasting results blending quality craftsmanship, and customer care.​


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Big House Construction provides a wide range of residential painting services that are second to none. The quality and attention to detail in our work is unmatched.

Interior Painting

Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. What are the colors inside your home saying to you or about you?  Change your colors and change your life!  Get a new look without a full renovation.​

Cabinet Repainting

Replacing kitchen cabinets is an expensive and extensive project. If they are in good physical shape, cabinet repainting is a cost-effective and less labor-intensive alternative to  replacing kitchen cabinets.​

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A deck is more than just an add-on to your home – it’s a place to gather, to celebrate, to relax, and to enjoy the outdoors. Decks also enhance the beauty of your home and add to its overall value.

  • Initial Consultation

    • When you contact Big House Construction, you are contacting the best. Whether you want to build a custom deck or resurface a old one, we’ve got you covered. Big House Construction team will provide you with sound, expert advice and innovative design ideas for any application. We will schedule an in-person appointment with you to take space measurements, offer design advice and get a general feel for your project vision.​

  • Deck Design

    • When it comes to designing your outdoor space, you want to have the best mixture of function and style. We will incorporate the right materials and layout options to make sure that the design suits your lifestyle and budget. From low maintenance composites to stunning wood, we expertly guide you to find the right combination of products for your project. ​

  • Installation

    • Once you’ve received your personalized design and picked out the ideal materials, now it’s time to get to work on the install! We employ the best deck builders in the business, and with years of experience to rely on, we truly make it our goal to transform your yard into the landscape of your dreams. Our decks are distinctively designed for each home and meticulously crafted for outstanding aesthetic and functionality. We construct our decks out of superior materials, including composite, PVC, tile and wood.​

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Beautiful style, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and a proven performance expectation of 50+ years.

Residential metal roofing is one of the fastest-growing segments of home improvement – more than quadrupling its market share over the past decade. The benefits offered by today’s metal roofs allow homeowners to upgrade their homes with products of lasting value. While other roofs quickly diminish in value as they age, metal roofs provide the following lasting benefits:

  • Metal Roofing

  • Proven performance expectation of 50+ years

  • Beautiful styles to match any home or neighborhood

  • Interlocking panels for maximum wind resistance

  • Fire resistance

  • Energy efficiency by keeping homes cooler

  • Low weight to help preserve structural integrity and life

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Clogged, damaged or leaky gutters and downspouts can be a real nightmare and overflow can cause expensive and unsightly damage to your home’s roof, siding, interior and basement. Save yourself the aggravation and the risk by calling the gutter experts at Big House Construction. We provide homeowners with quality gutter protection, gutter installation, and repair services, saving them thousands of dollars on home repairs. We use top-quality products, and all the work is done by trained, experienced gutter professionals.


If you need new gutters and downspouts, Gutter Protection Service will permanently eliminate the need to clean your gutters. It will also protect your interior, exterior, basement, and foundation from water overflow.


We sell and install LeaFree Gutter Systems, the best in the business for repelling leaves, preventing debris accumulation, and guaranteeing consistent water flow.


In addition, we now offer a 25-year no-clog warranty! Ensure your gutters stay clean year-round with the help of Big House Construction.

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Interior Remodels

Big House Remodeling's goal is to transform the heart of your home into the most beautiful room in your house. We have years of experience renovating custom kitchens and bathrooms.  Along with our expertise, our experts specialize in top-quality kitchen and bathroom design and construction, but we take it to the next level with outstanding customer service. We understand home remodeling can be stressful, so we want to make the experience as seamless and efficient as possible for you and your family.


At Big House Remodeling, our goal is to make your kitchen and bathroom remodels as functional asthey are beautiful, fashioning every custom kitchen from top to bottom and considering every detail big and small. 


We’re not here to simply get the job done. We’re here to get it done right—and exceed your expectations.​


And, we do all of this without ever losing sight of your goals, budget and timeline.

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Emergency Services

Big House Emergency Service is something that we pride ourselves on, being available for you when you need us.  Whether is is a pipe burst, a fire, a tree falling on your house, mold, lead paint, or even asbestos abatement, we are your ONE STOP SHOP for everything.  We offer 24 hours services that includes tarping roofing, water mitigation, and tree removal.

BIG House should be your first call for all things house.

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